CashControl now offers support for cryptocurrency management

Nowadays, cryptocurrency has become the new hype, being a global phenomenon known to most people. The growing understanding and usage of technology has led to an acceptance of this particular currency, thus increasing its popularity significantly. With this accelerated interest in cryptocurrency, there is also a need for support and management of cryptocurrency in order to better keep track of your finances. We are thrilled to announce that CashControl now provides full support with an 8 decimal precision and dynamic exchange rate for the following coins: BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), XRP (Ripple), BCH (Bitcoin Cash), XMR (Monero), LTC (Litecoin). CryptocurrenciesCitește mai mult

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The Golden Rules For Money Management And Financial Bliss

There hasn’t been a single time in your life where you didn’t have to worry about money (other than when you were a kid), isn’t that right? If you can agree with this, then you’ve come to the right place. Money management isn’t rocket science. We’re confident that every one of you who are reading this article will be able to achieve financial bliss by following a few simple rules. We want you to start this no sooner and no later than tomorrow, so be ready to take some notes. The Golden Rules For Money Management And Financial Bliss 1.Citește mai mult

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Money Management Mistakes You Need To Stop Doing Right Now

We’re all guilty of making money management mistakes. The first steps towards fixing the mistakes is acknowledging them so that we can change our life for the better. Money management isn’t and doesn’t have to be complicated. In this article, we will point out some of the most common mistakes that you should stop doing when it comes to your finances. You Pay The Bills Late This is such an easy mistake to make, and one that you probably think will not hurt your finances too much. But the truth is, by paying your bills late, you will spend wayCitește mai mult

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How To Plan Ahead Your Money Expenses And Not Get Caught By Surprise

Unexpected expenses can occur anytime, and they can catch you by surprise. Even if it’s a loss in income, a large medical bill, or a household repair, you can still plan for them in order to minimize the impact on your financial stability. If you have gone through something like this, then you already know how unpleasant it is. If you haven’t, then you should prepare for it. Let’s see how not to get caught by surprise when it comes to unexpected expenses. Put Money Aside To ensure the fact that you won’t spend the money you save, you shouldCitește mai mult

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5 Ideal Financial Goals You Can Set And Achieve In 2017

We know – it’s already past the middle of 2017. You might be thinking “How can I still set and achieve financial goals this year if I didn’t start this process in January?”. The truth is that there is no perfect time to do it, other than now. Don’t wait until the end of 2017 to set financial goals for 2018. Keep reading the article to discover the best goals you can set when it comes to your finances. Let’s do this! 1. Set and Stick With Your Monthly Budget First, you should set a realistic monthly budget. At thisCitește mai mult

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How You Can Set Realistic Financial Goals This Year

Most people who have financial management issues are determined to do whatever it takes to improve this aspect of their life. However, somewhere along the way, things don’t go as planned. The missing link is the fact that the financial goals are not realistic and this is stopping people from achieving them. Even if we’re already a few months into the new year, it’s not too late to set financial goals. In this article, we’re going to show how to make them realistic and keep up with them. How To Set Realistic Financial Goals   – Review your spending habits.Citește mai mult

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7 Steps That Will Help You Organize Your Financial Life

Do you feel overwhelmed and a little bit stressed whenever tax season comes? We know that taxes are not fun at all, but it’s something we all have to deal with. If you’re planning on becoming more organized this year, reduce clutter, and save time, then we have the solution for you. In this article, we’ll show you 7 steps you can use to start organizing your financial life. Let’s get started. How To Organize Your Financial Life In 7 Steps 1. Check your budget every month Even though you may have already laid out a budget, you still needCitește mai mult

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4 Money Management Tips From Financial Experts You Didn’t Know About

For those of us who don’t have money management expertise, figuring out how not to overspend every month is most certainly not a walk in the park. We know that there are a lot of you out there who want to get better at managing their personal finances and start saving money. So we began wondering who would give the best advice when it comes to money management? And we found the answer: Financial experts. We did our research, and we gathered some of the best tips that you might not know about. Keep on reading to see what financialCitește mai mult

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Tips for a no-spend month

Recovering from a high spending month like the holiday season or a vacation can be tough, but with these steps you can overcome a blown budget in a short period of time because it is actually a question about making a distinction between shopping and buying. One would venture to say that most of us walk through life spending our money on things we know we want, but we don’t ever take the time to understand why. Meeting for coffee instead of brunch, exploring new hiking trails instead of checking out the latest concert, or having a potluck dinner atCitește mai mult

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The Best Money Management Tips For Young People

Do you often run out of money by the end of the month? We know you do and we also know that you’re not the only young adult who finds himself/herself in this situation more than they should. Money management is not a subject taught in school, even though statistics show it should be. If you don’t have a clue where to start when managing your finances, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’re going to give you some of the best tips. Lay Out All Your Expenses First thing’s first: You have to know where yourCitește mai mult

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