10 Tips For A Cheap Holiday

It’s August! There is a tube strike in London, 70 years have passed since the atomic bomb, Rihanna went to the Barbados Carnival, Jon Snow has been seen shopping in Belfast. However you’re not aware of these things as you are probably on vacation, making the most out of your holiday.

Not on a holiday yet because it seems to exceed your budget? Just take a short trip to the closest city near you and call it a city break. However, you should take into account the following money-saving traveling tips:

  1. Before deciding on the destination, check the particularities of the country you’re visiting and decide whether it’d be a good decision. Check the prices, taxes, the currency, the transportation, etc. Be prepared! You should avoid picking touristy destinations in the middle of the season as they know how to make a profit out of everything. I know you’ve always wanted to visit Paris in the summer, but maybe that’s not such a great choice right now.
  2. Although you want to seem like a spontaneous person, book your holiday months in advance. Spontaneity only works if you’re lucky. Usually no one is that lucky to book a holiday the day before departure for a cheap price and actually enjoy it.
  3. Install an app for flights. This way you could look up the flights for the day your holiday leave starts and choose wisely your destination for a lower price. I heard Brussels will be nice two months from now.
  4. Don’t bring the entire wardrobe to your holiday. Take into account that you’re the one dragging that enormous luggage, and also you’re the one paying for its check in. Do you really need four different rain coats for a 3 day stay at the beach?
  5. Staying at a hotel will cost you an arm and a leg. Nowadays hostels are the ones in demand. You don’t have to always share your room with 6 strangers; you can opt for renting your own room and interact in the common room. If this kind of accommodation is not your cup of tea, then you could just rent something through airbnb. Still less pricey than a hotel.
  6. Try to start your holiday on a Wednesday. This way you’ll maybe get the opportunity of traveling cheaper, as not so many people decide to leave in the middle of a work week.
  7. Check the meal-deals at the supermarkets. You can even mention to your friends you’ve tried the traditional food. It must be at least one traditional ingredient in those sandwiches.
  8. Check city reviews written by locals. They’re the best city guides you could ever get in terms of deals.
  9. Try to book your passes online. You can usually save up to 5$ by doing this and you also skip the line. Louvre, here I come!
  10. If walking is not your thing, check the tourist special offers the public transportation has. You could get passes for 3 days, a week, etc. Choose the one that suits you the most. But don’t even think of taking a taxi. As a tourist you’re the most vulnerable person to being ripped off.

These being said, enjoy your holiday! Au revoir!

August 6, 2015 Scris de: Horatiu
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