3 Effective Habits Of Extremely Frugal People

The record unemployment levels, the forever increasing price of groceries, and the declining economy has pushed a lot of people towards frugality these days. If you have just started to move towards a thriftier lifestyle you have also started asking yourself a lot of questions: How can I save money with my household? or “How do I cut my daily costs?”

It’s all about mindset and little habits. Change yourself a little bit at a time could lead you to save tons of money at the end of the year when you draw the bottom line.

Here are 3 effective habits of extremely frugal people.


1. Frugal people use everything right to the last drop
What do you do when you get off of work and you’re hungry? Do you have something in place at home that you can prepare for a simple low-cost dinner? Or does your mind wander through a plethora of restaurant and take-out options?
When you’re hungry on a weekend, do you have several clear meals in place that you can prepare? Or do you dig through the cupboards, finding little, and then eventually find yourself either preparing something unfulfilling or simply calling for delivery?
As a general rule, frugal people tend to plan ahead for meals. They take the steps necessary to ensure that they have something low-cost and prepared at home for most meals and take extra steps to make it more convenient when time is tight.

2. Frugal people like to stay home
Going out costs money. Then there are transportation costs and incidentals. Thirsty? A bottle of water is just $1. I’m not saying that you need to be a hermit on a mountaintop, trekking into the village on foot once a year for salt, sugar, and a box of oranges to offset scurvy, but you don’t have to go out every single day. If you have the day off, why not enjoy your home and your family instead of heading out to an activity that is going to cost for admission, refreshments, and a snazzy item from the gift shop?

3. Frugal people repair things or buy reliable items
This goes back to the idea of frugal people thinking long term. One of the greatest virtues for a frugal person is that something will reliably work for a long period of time.
An enameled cast iron pot, for example, might cost twice as much as a normal pot, but it’s going to last basically for the rest of one’s life. The cheap one might wind up getting bent or having the coating peel off, but the cast iron will keep going and going and going. It’s a frugal purchase. If something doesn’t work a frugal person will first try to fix it before buying a new one instead. Buy quality things and they will last you forever!

March 2, 2016 Scris de: Horatiu
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