5 money etiquette tips

Here’s a short list of tips you can use in solving awkward but real money situations you may encounter in your friends or family circle:

Your friends always complain they have no money, and face real financial problems.

Try to help , but without getting too involved in solving their problems without them borrowing money again. You can recommend a financial adviser, or a good book on how they would be able to manage their budget better .

Your brother still asks to borrow money and you know you won’t get it back.

Usually money destroys relationships between people, especially between family members and close friends. You should avoid having to lend them money, giving them real reasons and avoiding the word “no”.

In a meeting between friends everybody is informed you and your husband just bought a new house! “How much did you pai for acquisition?”

Typically such questions may be embarrassing, but we recommend a short answer like “More than we expected”, or “enough”.  This will give you an honest, short answer and will avoid other further questions on this.

You had dinner with a friend at a restaurant. At some time after you left, you realize you forgot your wallet there. You ‘re back and it returned the restaurant manager happy. Your friend recommended to leave them a tip as a token of gratitude. What do you do in a similar situation?

Honesty was expected in this situation. But it’s well deserved reward for such acts, increasingly rare nowadays. Drop him a tip large enough, but not over the top.

You had lunch with friends at a restaurant you frequent, but friends are the kind that never leave a tip. What do you do to avoid an embarrassing situation, especially considering that you want to go there again, and therefore you will be greeted by the same person?

Try to stimulate with a smart reply like “I always sleep better at night if I leave 15% tips”. Try not to embarrasse anyone.

Remember! What’s considered good manners changes as society changes. What doesn’t change: the principles behind good manners.

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