7 Ways To Start Saving Money Today


You stopped buying the expensive beer, chocolate, and the overpriced clothes. You stopped ordering delivery; you started biking instead of driving. However, you seem to never have enough money left at the end of the month. How do you save more? Try the little ways this time!

1. For example, stop paying for things you don’t use anymore: your landline, your gym membership, etc. You never have time to go to the gym, and only your mom calls you on the landline. Also, consider using a prepay phone. If you still consider the gym thing, instead of buying an annual membership, try looking for monthly offers from different gyms, and constantly change them. This way you’ll save money and never get bored.

2. Stop using the dryer and start drying your clothes the old fashion way: by hanging them, especially during the summer. It makes a lot of noise anyways. Moreover, unplug your electronic devices every time you leave home, or when you simply don’t use them, in order to avoid energy leaks.

3. Go to the farmer’s market but make sure you bring your personalized groceries list with you. You only want to buy what you really need. Avoid buying those cherry tomatoes just because they look “oh so cute”.

4. Instead of contracting different providers for your cable, phone and internet connection, try using the same provider and maybe get a discount. What is more, you’ll only have one monthly bill instead of three, so besides money you’ll also save precious time.

5. Quit smoking. You already know it is bad for your health. But have you realized it’s also detrimental to your finances? Try to avoid buying unhealthy sodas as well. You can instead make yourself lemonade using the lemons you have bought at the local market. All natural! Get rid of all the bad habits, they’re so pricey! You’ll be a better person.

6. Don’t choose your holiday when most people do. Instead, try traveling during off-peak season, booking your room on websites like airbnb, and traveling light. Why carry a 20kg suitcase when you only stay 3 days and you already know the weather cast? Prior planning equals money saving.

7. Try to keep track of your money by installing an app or doing your own accounting (which can be rather exhausting, and boring so why not let someone else do it for you?)

July 29, 2015 Scris de: Horatiu
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