CashControl iOS 3.0.1

Apple just approved our latest update to CashControl iOS 3.0.1, and here are the release notes:

  • updated design to fit longer content
  • selection of server is no longer needed at login
  • added 1Password support for login
  • fixed iOS 7.x crashes
  • reordered dashboard & added displayed piggy banks
  • added piggy banks to transfer
  • minor bugfixing

So let’s go through the most important of them.

With the 3.0 design we identified an issue: especially on smaller devices, longer amounts left too little space for longer category names. The solution we implemented is reduce the size of the category label and move it to the top of the expense/income/transfer list, so that it’s completely out of the way of the amount.

Next improvement we made was remove the need for selection of server to connect to (,,, and just make that decision on the server. This was one of the annoying things you can forget. Since we were working on the login screen, we added support for password management apps (like 1Password and Lastpass) so that you can autofill the password for them.

We updated the dashboard to a better priority oriented order, and added the display of piggy banks, while also now allowing the transfer of funds to the piggy banks.

We also fixed some stability issues on iOS 7.x which we missed with the initial release, and fixed some other bugs.

We’re continuing to keep busy, and here is a taste of what’s to follow with the next version:

  • add loans and manage loan refunds
  • add passcode and TouchID locking
  • improve reports and tags

We’re also working hard on the new Android apps, which we’re planning to launch in August.

February 3, 2015 Scris de: CashControl
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