CashControl Survey and Roadmap

In our effort to better understand our users, their motivation and use cases, we ran a survey on our active user base, and we want to share our findings, as well as our roadmap relating to that feedback.

95% of the responders use CashControl for their personal finance, and for 80% their motivation is mainly to know what they spend their money on (while 20% want to increase their savings or get out of debt). User satisfaction is high and very high, but we were able to collect recommendations and gather some insights on how we can increase or maintain it.

At the top of the list with the requests, we found improvements on the mobile apps, especially the Android one. As we announced last week, we’re working hard on the New Android Application while also constantly improving the iOS one with new features. Here are a few of the things we have on our mobile roadmap (iOS initially, and then Android):

  • passcode and touch id locking
  • operations on loans
  • attachments
  • new category selection UI
  • dashboard UI improvements
  • take photo of receipt and process it later

CashControl Android 3.0

We’re also planning for a Windows Phone app, but first we want to make sure we polish the apps we already have.

Although users like our design, we’re working on a completely new design which will be responsive and more in line with Today’s design trends (including Google’s Material Design).

Another thing we found is that not all our functions are clear to our users, so we’ll have a strong focus on improving the application on-boarding with videos and tour functionalities. This will help us convert more users towards their first gratifying experience.

Here’s a brief list of other functions we’re planning to add or improve include:

  • improve loans interface
  • automatic bank account sync and statement import
  • import functions for people migrating from other apps
  • open public API
  • more reports
  • advanced savings with management of deposits with interest
  • bank loans with interest
  • modify financial period (beside the month, add support for 15-15)

… and many more.

Your feedback is super-important to us, so please take advantage of the feedback form inside the app whenever you have an idea.

February 21, 2015 Scris de: CashControl
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