Groceries: How to Save Money?


You can eat great food even if you pay only half the price for the dinner. Cheap food doesn’t mean low quality food. In order to save some money on one of the biggest expenditures in your household you have to be prepared before heading to the supermarket. You will need a list and you need to stick to it. You should try a couple of tricks also for a smaller food bill.

Buy in-season fruits and vegetables. Buying fruits and vegetables can get expensive, so to cut down on costs, it’s important to buy ones that are in season because if they aren’t, they can cost twice as much.

Access online coupons. Be sure to check out online coupon sites like,,, and, which are apparently the best sites to print from. Further, “like” your favorite brands on Facebook to get access to some of the coupons they give out over the social media network.

Design a Standardized List. In addition to items needed to make dinner, you will likely need to purchase items for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and cleaning at the grocery store. Oftentimes, I find that I am so focused on getting what I need to cook meals that these items are forgotten. If I don’t leave them off my list completely, I buy far more than I need!

To avoid this problem, make a standardized list of what you buy on a recurring basis, such as several boxes of cereal, a loaf of bread, diapers, and laundry detergent. This is a great time-saver, as your grocery list will always be partially completed before you even start.

Choose a Budget-Friendly Store. If you feel pressed for time and can not afford to spend time clipping coupons and matching them up to sales, focus more on shopping at stores that will save you the money with their generally lower prices. Walmart, for example, offers prices that are 20% less than competitors. Aldi and Trader Joe’s are also known to offer everyday low prices. If this is your method for saving money on groceries, avoid costly stores, such as Whole Foods and The Fresh Market.

Don’t Forget the Dollar Stores While many dollar stores do not carry a wide variety of foods, there are a number of items you should buy at the dollar store, and some great savings to be found. One of my favorite things to buy at dollar stores are spices. At supermarkets, spices generally cost several dollars, and I never seem to have coupons, so I simply head to the dollar store to get a stellar price.

However, there are many items at dollar stores that are more expensive by unit price (due to smaller package weight or volume) than a regular grocery store, so shop wisely.

Go save some dollars!

March 14, 2016 Scris de: Horatiu
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