Hidden badges (CashControl 1.1.1 release)

CashControl AchievementsDesigned by our core development team, CashControl achievements or badges, as we call them, are a new way of rewarding users throughout their experience with CashControl. We hope that this feature empowers and encourages users to master the app and help them become more eficient in terms of personal finances.

In fewer word, badges provide a way for users to get recognition for they’re new money management skills. CashControl badges can be used to represent achievements, communicate successes, set goals, and motivate behaviors.

There are currently 42 hidden achievements waiting for your discovery and more to come. You can find your badges and details about how you can get them all on the Achievements page. We also wanted to make them fun, so expect to earn the most unexpected badges and surprise yourself with the progress you made regarding your financial health. That’s it, have fun with the new CashControl 1.1.1 release :)}