How to save money in the summer


City breaks, dinner out, lunch out, lemonade, drinks, trips, roadtrips, sun, sea. Plus the usual telephone, gas, electricity, etc. bills. Added up, they hurt more than sunburns at times. Doing what you like, what you have to and at the same time trying to save money, is almost impossible. So what can one do during summer in order to both enjoy it and save money?

The first thing that comes to mind it’s to focus more on your eating habits. It seems that this article turns into a nutrition one rather than financial management, but it’s true. Our eating habits are detrimental to our financial situation. Fast food and unhealthy food in general tends to be expensive. You can start buying your fresh groceries at a local farmer’s market, where the prices are very competitive. This way you know you have organic food and you can also save up a little. Secondly, since we have already mixed up finance and nutrition, we can also mention sports. Stop driving to work or school. Ride to work! That way you’ll save loads of cash on gas, and improve your health state.

Furthermore, besides saving, you can also gain a small income by organizing a garage or yard sale. Everyone has stuff they don’t need anymore. Gather up some friends and start selling all that useless stuff you stopped using years ago.

Stop eating out! Instead, you could start making your own fancy meals and go have a picnic in the park. Start planning your meals ahead, so that when you go grocery shopping at the aforementioned farmer’s market you know exactly what to buy. It’s true that dinner at a restaurant is sometimes very satisfying, but you should advantage of the nice weather as well.

Start looking for your summer dream destination weeks in advance in order to find an affordable plane ticket. Moreover, you can also book and buy museum passes online and benefit from a considerable discount. If you are not into the “sun, sea, me” thing, try thinking of a place nearby that you’ve never been to and go visit it, in order to get out of your daily routine. Biking there can be a great idea!

July 10, 2015 Scris de: Andrei
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