Taking a loan: borrowing money from tomorrow

A loan is a financial transaction in which the “lender” gives a certain amount of money or a property to the “borrower” with the expectation of total repayment or the return of the property, usually interest and a date of repayment are involved, the interest is generally known as the cost of the loan. The loans are usually a way to grow the overall money supply from an economy, by providing loans in an economy you open up the competition and you are allowing new products to enter the market and companies to expand their business operations. Individuals, companies, governments,Citește mai mult

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New Android Application

After the launch of the new iOS Application three months ago, we’ve been working hard on the new Android application too. So since on the survey we’re currently running, the request for a new Android app was at the top of the list, we thought we should give a sneak peak at how the new application will look like. The backbone of the new design is Google’s Material Design philosophy, which we’re completely sold on. The new application will adhere to Google’s design principles as much as possible, starting from the slide in menu and continuing with the big + icon to add transactions. TheCitește mai mult

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Top ways to invest your money

“In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable.” – Robert Arnott Investing in a stock market is the most common investment one can do. But have you ever thought that there are many other ways that you can invest your money? Once you’ve managed to save some money the first idea is to duplicate it. How? Once again, the first idea that comes to mind is to store it in a bank account. However, the benefits aren’t that great. “A bank is a place where they lend you an umbrella in fair weather and ask for it back when itCitește mai mult

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CashControl iOS 3.0.1

Apple just approved our latest update to CashControl iOS 3.0.1, and here are the release notes: updated design to fit longer content selection of server is no longer needed at login added 1Password support for login fixed iOS 7.x crashes reordered dashboard & added displayed piggy banks added piggy banks to transfer minor bugfixing So let’s go through the most important of them. With the 3.0 design we identified an issue: especially on smaller devices, longer amounts left too little space for longer category names. The solution we implemented is reduce the size of the category label and move itCitește mai mult

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5 money etiquette tips

Here’s a short list of tips you can use in solving awkward but real money situations you may encounter in your friends or family circle: Your friends always complain they have no money, and face real financial problems. Try to help , but without getting too involved in solving their problems without them borrowing money again. You can recommend a financial adviser, or a good book on how they would be able to manage their budget better . Your brother still asks to borrow money and you know you won’t get it back. Usually money destroys relationships between people, especiallyCitește mai mult

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Hidden badges (CashControl 1.1.1 release)

Designed by our core development team, CashControl achievements or badges, as we call them, are a new way of rewarding users throughout their experience with CashControl. We hope that this feature empowers and encourages users to master the app and help them become more eficient in terms of personal finances. In fewer word, badges provide a way for users to get recognition for they’re new money management skills. CashControl badges can be used to represent achievements, communicate successes, set goals, and motivate behaviors. There are currently 42 hidden achievements waiting for your discovery and more to come. You can find your badges and details about howCitește mai mult

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We have launched a new, faster Android mobile app

We are very happy to announce a new Android app update release we made today. We’re thrilled because it now has a completely new structure, it’s liter, faster and easier to use in comparison to the old app which was a bit laggy and had only romanian as standard language. The new Android app has english, romanian, german, french, italian and spanish languages to choose from and more to come. CashControl app for Android offers all the basic functions of the web application on your mobile phone. You can add, edit and delete expenses, incomes, transfers and bills, view a complete historyCitește mai mult

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Mobile apps, coming soon

Although along with CashControl.ro we launched iPhone and Android mobile apps in 2012, they were built on a framework that made them quite slow and unreliable, so we decided to completely redo them in Objective C and Java. The new applications will include internationalization, support to add tags to all transaction and multi-category expenses, as well as set the basics to support loans, reports and attached documents. The new versions of the mobile apps will be available by the end of February.

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