Receipt photo feature for the mobile apps

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3 Effective Habits Of Extremely Frugal People

The record unemployment levels, the forever increasing price of groceries, and the declining economy has pushed a lot of people towards frugality these days. If you have just started to move towards a thriftier lifestyle you have also started asking yourself a lot of questions: How can I save money with my household? or “How do I cut my daily costs?” It’s all about mindset and little habits. Change yourself a little bit at a time could lead you to save tons of money at the end of the year when you draw the bottom line. Here are 3 effectiveCitește mai mult

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New CashControl for iOS

The newest version of CashControl for iOS, 3.1.0 was just approved by Apple and is now available for download. We’ve added some interesting new features, as well as fixed known issues and made important improvements to the data transfer and storage; now transactions sync even faster. The first thing you’ll notice in the new version is the new dashboard, with an attractive fresh design that highlights the month’s balance as well as your accounts and budgets. With the new quick-add shortcuts, you can now more easily add transactions from the dashboard, by just clicking the + button and picking what youCitește mai mult

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Why should you use a personal finance app. Have you tried Cashcontrol?

We all have been trough some rough periods in our live. We are still recovering after the economic crisis and some of us are not doing that good. The key to gaining full control over your personal finances is to track every expense that you are making in order to eliminate all the unnecessary ones. Now, the smartphones allow people to have all kind of apps that boost productivity or maybe help personal finances. A personal finance app brings you the discipline that you need in order to gain control over your finances. It allows you to track every expenseCitește mai mult

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10 Ways to save money during your everyday life

There are uncountable habits that make you spend more every day, sometimes without you even thinking that you are spending this great amount of money on your lifestyle. Check our list below, meant to guide you on money saving, healthy and time saving habits that can help you save more.   Brew your own coffee in the morning. Instead of buying a cup of coffee every morning from a coffee shop, take the time to brew your own. Even though the investment at the beginning can seem high, with buying an espresso machine, in time it will help you save aCitește mai mult

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10 Tips For A Cheap Holiday

It’s August! There is a tube strike in London, 70 years have passed since the atomic bomb, Rihanna went to the Barbados Carnival, Jon Snow has been seen shopping in Belfast. However you’re not aware of these things as you are probably on vacation, making the most out of your holiday. Not on a holiday yet because it seems to exceed your budget? Just take a short trip to the closest city near you and call it a city break. However, you should take into account the following money-saving traveling tips: Before deciding on the destination, check the particularities ofCitește mai mult

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7 Ways To Start Saving Money Today

You stopped buying the expensive beer, chocolate, and the overpriced clothes. You stopped ordering delivery; you started biking instead of driving. However, you seem to never have enough money left at the end of the month. How do you save more? Try the little ways this time! 1. For example, stop paying for things you don’t use anymore: your landline, your gym membership, etc. You never have time to go to the gym, and only your mom calls you on the landline. Also, consider using a prepay phone. If you still consider the gym thing, instead of buying an annualCitește mai mult

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14 ways to save money while cooking

Sugar, spice and everything nice plus an extra ingredient: chemical X. No, that is not a way to save money while cooking; it’s just the way you create the Powerpuff Girls. Your kitchen is one of the first places where you could start saving money easily. Mainly, because eating at home instead of at a restaurant saves you a considerable amount of money. Here are some tips on how to save money while cooking: Cook frugally: use what you have and don’t let anything go to waste. Use the leftovers to make sandwiches, salads, tapas, etc. Plan your meals ahead:Citește mai mult

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CashControl Survey and Roadmap

In our effort to better understand our users, their motivation and use cases, we ran a survey on our active user base, and we want to share our findings, as well as our roadmap relating to that feedback. 95% of the responders use CashControl for their personal finance, and for 80% their motivation is mainly to know what they spend their money on (while 20% want to increase their savings or get out of debt). User satisfaction is high and very high, but we were able to collect recommendations and gather some insights on how we can increase or maintain it.Citește mai mult

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New Android Application

After the launch of the new iOS Application three months ago, we’ve been working hard on the new Android application too. So since on the survey we’re currently running, the request for a new Android app was at the top of the list, we thought we should give a sneak peak at how the new application will look like. The backbone of the new design is Google’s Material Design philosophy, which we’re completely sold on. The new application will adhere to Google’s design principles as much as possible, starting from the slide in menu and continuing with the big + icon to add transactions. TheCitește mai mult

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