Top ways to invest your money

“In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable.” – Robert Arnott Investing in a stock market is the most common investment one can do. But have you ever thought that there are many other ways that you can invest your money? Once you’ve managed to save some money the first idea is to duplicate it. How? Once again, the first idea that comes to mind is to store it in a bank account. However, the benefits aren’t that great. “A bank is a place where they lend you an umbrella in fair weather and ask for it back when itCitește mai mult

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How to save money in the summer

City breaks, dinner out, lunch out, lemonade, drinks, trips, roadtrips, sun, sea. Plus the usual telephone, gas, electricity, etc. bills. Added up, they hurt more than sunburns at times. Doing what you like, what you have to and at the same time trying to save money, is almost impossible. So what can one do during summer in order to both enjoy it and save money? The first thing that comes to mind it’s to focus more on your eating habits. It seems that this article turns into a nutrition one rather than financial management, but it’s true. Our eating habitsCitește mai mult

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CashControl iOS 3.0.1

Apple just approved our latest update to CashControl iOS 3.0.1, and here are the release notes: updated design to fit longer content selection of server is no longer needed at login added 1Password support for login fixed iOS 7.x crashes reordered dashboard & added displayed piggy banks added piggy banks to transfer minor bugfixing So let’s go through the most important of them. With the 3.0 design we identified an issue: especially on smaller devices, longer amounts left too little space for longer category names. The solution we implemented is reduce the size of the category label and move itCitește mai mult

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Taking a loan: borrowing money from tomorrow

A loan is a financial transaction in which the “lender” gives a certain amount of money or a property to the “borrower” with the expectation of total repayment or the return of the property, usually interest and a date of repayment are involved, the interest is generally known as the cost of the loan. The loans are usually a way to grow the overall money supply from an economy, by providing loans in an economy you open up the competition and you are allowing new products to enter the market and companies to expand their business operations. Individuals, companies, governments,Citește mai mult

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Lifehack – Budgeting

Have you ever been in a situation where at the end of the month you were short on money and you had no clue what had happened to your funds? The key to your financial future success can be found in a simple life hack. Not only does budgeting help you get in touch with your financial reality but it also helps you keep a close track over your expenditure and your income. Budgeting helps you understand the money flow from within your household. The cardinal principle of a good financial management is to spend less than you earn. StickingCitește mai mult

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Tips for your grocery shopping

A trip to the grocery store can be a significant drain on the budget.With food costs on the rise, it’s more important than ever for consumers to be savvy about their grocery shopping. Check out these 6 easy ways to change your grocery shopping habits. Set a budget and stick to it – It’s all about goal-setting. Use the cash envelope system – at the beginning of the week or month, put the amount of cash you plan to spend on groceries in the envelope, and ONLY take that cash to the store. Make a detailed list – you mustCitește mai mult

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New iOS application: CashControl 3.0

We are happy to announce the completely new iOS app for CashControl. If you’ve been using our mobile apps, you’ve probably had a poor experience with them, and it’s been our Achilles-heel since the launch of CashControl. The team that previously worked on the mobile applications made a series of bad calls on the core architecture of the app which caused for it to be slow, buggy, hard to maintain and crashing all the time. Because of this, we had to halt our plans for new features and just redo everything from scratch with a new team. With the newCitește mai mult

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Payday loans

We all have been in a difficult economic situation in our lifetime. Our daily routines are becoming more expensive and sometimes we are getting really close to personal bankruptcy. When we are in a desperate need of money we seek all the possibilities, initially we struggle to reach for our friends or our family to borrow money, but if that option is not a viable one, then we only have a few more, and a fast and easy option are the “payday loans”. Just let us give you some free advice. This kind of loans can work for you onceCitește mai mult

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Ride your way!

The gas prices are regularly on the rise and now is a good time to get a fuel free ride. Cruising can be positive for your health, for your wallet and for the environment. Cycling does not require special skills, or a high-level of stamina, it is very easy to learn and afterwards it can never be forgotten. If you are not convinced already, then here are some reasons to grab a bike. 1. Keeping your body healthy and your mind sharp Bicycling is a Fountain of Youth and it is a known fact that cycling helps you maintain and boostCitește mai mult

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Travel saving tips

The summer is 3 months away and our minds are already set on our next holiday destination. You can spend half of your usually budget just by planing ahead. Here are some useful advices for cutting your expenses. You don’t have to be loaded for a killer vacation,you just have to plan it carefully ahead to save a whole bunch of money. 1. Choosing your destination-Find an alternative All the popular destinations are expensive because everyone goes there, think outside the box and search for alternatives.If you want a city break in a European city, try travelling to the Eastern EuropeCitește mai mult

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