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We all have been in a difficult economic situation in our lifetime. Our daily routines are becoming more expensive and sometimes we are getting really close to personal bankruptcy.

When we are in a desperate need of money we seek all the possibilities, initially we struggle to reach for our friends or our family to borrow money, but if that option is not a viable one, then we only have a few more, and a fast and easy option are the “payday loans”.

Just let us give you some free advice. This kind of loans can work for you once or twice but on a long-term financial problem, you should reconsider this solution because it will worsen your situation. If you still want to do it, then you should consider a few things before doing it.

There are a lot of “Quick cash now” shops, don’t enter this kind of institutions and don’t borrow money from the first one that gets in your way, try to do a little research. Different payday brokers can have different rates. However, you should try to bargain for the best possible rate, because these kind of businesses are comparable to white sharks and afterwards they will take even your last pennies.

These businesses are mostly found in the Commonwealth and in the USA, but you can encounter similar companies in almost every country in one way or another, you will always catch them draining money from the low-income communities.

Some people see this phenomenon with kind eyes and say that this type of services help the general population, especially the young people who are in a great need of money to pay for their tuition. Also, they’re useful for the poor when they are in need, but they don’t see it objectively and they are blinded by the shinning dollars.

Payday loans are like unprotected sex with a selfish person, if you are not careful when doing it you will regret it for a long period of time because you will not have a saying in the afterwards process, you can have a small chance catch a disease and you will surely pay “child tuition”. It’s true that you can get some kind of pleasure but you should reconsider it and try to find an alternative. You should think about your future and invest in a savings account, add small amounts of money to it. Now you can’t see the difference but you will thank me later.

April 16, 2015 Scris de: Andrei
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  • SavvyJames

    Great topic. I would go a little further and say that people should never consider a payday (or title) loan. It is a vicious practice designed to keep people trapped … they do not provide individuals who are struggling financially with a viable, reasonable financial option. A great documentary on the topic is “Spent: Looking For Change,” available at YouTube >>> Highly recommended.