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For payments made with your credit card, the bank statement import (and the more recently introduced bank account sync) help you never miss an expense, however, the payments made in cash are a bit harder to track.

Whenever in a hurry while making a payment in cash, you can of course keep the receipt in your wallet so that you can later add it to CashControl, but quickly you’ll find your wallet has more receipts in it than cash.

We thought about a solution for this problem, and we’re currently finalising the development of a brand new feature that allows you to quickly take a photo of your receipt using the CashControl app on your phone, and have it added to a “Pending Transactions”. Later, you can open the list of pending transactions from your phone and add the expense/income/transfer for that receipt, and the receipt will become its attachment.

iOS and Android application screenshots

Pro users can also receive the pending transactions list on the web application, where it’s even more convenient to input the transactions, including bill payments, loans or refunds.

This feature will be available in the next couple of weeks.

Later, we’re planning to integrate OCR to the photos taken, so that we can scan the amount on the receipt and save you time on that as well.

March 7, 2016 Scris de: Horatiu
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