Tips for a no-spend month


Recovering from a high spending month like the holiday season or a vacation can be tough, but with these steps you can overcome a blown budget in a short period of time because it is actually a question about making a distinction between shopping and buying. One would venture to say that most of us walk through life spending our money on things we know we want, but we don’t ever take the time to understand why.

Meeting for coffee instead of brunch, exploring new hiking trails instead of checking out the latest concert, or having a potluck dinner at home instead of going out to a restaurant are a few money saving tips worth considering. Just because you can’t visit the mall doesn’t mean you can’t reward yourself in other ways.

A great idea would also be to stick to the classics, don’t be a marketing victim, treat yourself if you’re a serious shopper and last but not least you can always simply ask yourself “Is this a want or a need?”

Another helpline on the way would be to recognize the excuses you use. Excuses emerge when our mind tells us that what we are thinking about doing, could be uncomfortable. And we don’t like discomfort, do we? But, here’s the thing, change is rarely comfortable (at least not at first). In order to make real progress, we have to deal with the uncomfortable, one step at a time.

It’s all about attitude here…have fun with it and stay positive, even make a chart to see how much you’ve “saved”! This would be a great time to use any gift cards you have sitting around, break out those board games that rarely get played, or DIY a home project with things you have around the house. Perhaps you could even ask your employer for overtime opportunities!

Check your supplies to ensure you have enough to get through the month, don’t stock up for the entire year. Clean out the pantry and freezer to take stock of what you have on hand. Think ahead on meals. Is coffee a must in your house? What are your bare necessities for healthy eating?

Mentally prepare to get your mind right. Don’t think of a no spend month as a month of deprivation, but as a month of growth and challenge. Be positive. It is going to stretch you and challenge you and it won’t always be easy, but it’s only a month! And just think of the possibilities!

So start saving now, and if you need help to get a better grip on money management you can always create your free CashControl account here and start controlling your finances right away.

September 12, 2017 Scris de: Oana Bosbici
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