Tips&Tricks For Quick Money Savings #1

Saving Money is an all-year-long process. Usually, you save a few pennies here and there but you can see your success only at the end of the year when you draw the bottom line. All of us are wondering “how can I save money?”. Most of us were put in this caution mode by these difficult financial times. We are all afraid that a budgeted lifestyle could mean a bad or boring one, but this is not true.

Here are some pieces of advice to quickly start saving some dollars:

Master the 30-day rule.


Marketers usually attack your short-term memory when they try to promote their products.
Don’t let yourself fooled by your impulsive buying. When you want to make an important purchase you should try to wait for 30 days before doing it. Quite often, your urge to buy that thing will pass and you will succeed to save yourself quite some money just by waiting.

Eat out less, plan your meals.


Eating in town is one of the biggest suckers of your personal budget. Instead of eating an overpriced salad you should try cooking at home. You will have a special bonding moment with your family or your friends in your own kitchen. You will save money on transportation and refreshments also. If you think cooking at home is boring try to have group dinners where everyone puts a few bucks for the meal and you will hang out with your closest homies.

For extra savings try to plan your meals with what is on sale in your neighbourhood grocery store. Find the biggest sales and plan recipes based on those ingredients.

General Shopping

photo-1453687341900-a59ae1416bf7Everyone is trying to blame their bad money management on stress-spending. Buying things you won’t need just to make yourself feel a bit happier is rarely a good idea. Find other ways to calm yourself down, but don’t go into rampage buying mode, your future personal budget will thank you for this.

If you make purchases try to make them online. You will save on gas and transport fares but you can also compare prices and find better deals. Try finding the brand alternatives in order to save more money. They have the same quality but different logos. This applies to generic medication, clothes, food and on some appliances. Install a browser addon for price comparison. The add-on will check the prices for the same item on hundreds of shopping portals showing you the best price.

There is one more trick to finding the best deals on the internet. There are a lot of coupon and discount websites, so always search for a coupon before making any purchase.


March 10, 2016 Scris de: Horatiu
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