Travel saving tips

Travel savings

The summer is 3 months away and our minds are already set on our next holiday destination. You can spend half of your usually budget just by planing ahead. Here are some useful advices for cutting your expenses. You don’t have to be loaded for a killer vacation,you just have to plan it carefully ahead to save a whole bunch of money.

1. Choosing your destination-Find an alternative

All the popular destinations are expensive because everyone goes there, think outside the box and search for alternatives.If you want a city break in a European city, try travelling to the Eastern Europe instead of the Western Europe. It is difficult to find a substitute for Paris, London or Amsterdam, but not impossible. You can experience some priceless moments for half the money in Budapest, Prague or Athens.

2. Choosing the period-Skip the peak season

Everyone wants to escape somewhere warm in the depths of winter and visit Europe on their summer vacation. These periods guarantee you heavy crowds, longer waits and higher prices. Shoulder season is the ideal time of year to travel because you will avoid the crowds, score some really cheap deals and you will experience a milder weather.

3. Be flexible in booking your flight

On average,the flight tickets are cheaper if you book them with at least 21 days in advance. There are studies that suggest that 54 days before travelling is the optimum moment to book a flight. Try to be flexible with your flights and avoid to fly on weekends.Tuesdays and Wednesday are the least popular days and are usually the least expensive for a flight. Choosing the time of the day for the flight is also important.Flying late morning through afternoon is a lot cheaper than flying at daybreak. When trying to score a deal you should make use of the internet.There are a bunch of websites that will help you find the best offer. Try using Skyscanner, GetGoing, Orbits, Flightfox or Momondo to find the best prices for your tickets.

4. Accommodation

There are a lot of cheap alternatives to the standard hotel rooms. You can have the same comfort if you rent an apartment, but for half the price of a hotel on a per-person basis. Your food costs are significantly lower because you also get a kitchen. For booking an apartment you should use wimdu, vrbo, airbnb.
If you are looking for adventure and you are eager to meet new friends than you should try Couchsurfing,it is the cheapest way to travel if you don’t mind staying at a person you met on the internet. If you just want a standard hotel you should avoid the brand hotels if you are on a tight budget. Hotelscombined will find you the best deal possible for your hotel.

5. Visiting

You can have a free walking tour with a licensed tourist guide in most of the major touristic cities. They take up to 4 hours in which you will enjoy an interesting sightseeing tour for whatever price you like, even for free. You will find free walking tours on freewalkingtour, neweuropetours , freetoursbyfoot. Beside the sightseeing tour your guide will offer you a free map,discount coupons and some free hints to lower your expenditure.

What is going to be your next holiday destination?

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